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Computer Games For Kids To Help Them Learn

Educational computer games for kids make learning fun, and by using the computer to learn, children are immersed in an interactive, colorful, and audible world that helps them to retain facts and ideas quickly.

Computer games offer a method of learning that is unrivaled by any other way of learning.

They are more appealing and exciting than learning from books, and as many computer games use attractive video presentation and catchy music themes, children find these games appealing, addictive, and great fun to use.

They help with your child’s creativity, imagination, as well as target subject learning of a particular game.

By using the computer in play, kids are also learning vital keyboard and mouse skills, and well-chosen educational software will let your child learn and have fun at the same time, which will provide them with a foundation for their future years of learning.

Although computers are not playing a significant part in children’s schooling as yet, the way that computer games have developed as educational tools has brought the possibility of these games becoming a big part of the school curriculum.

Educational computer games for kids have significant educational value, and studies have shown that simulation and adventure games such as Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon, where players create societies or build theme parks, develop children’s strategic thinking and planning skills.

And by using these types of games, parents, and teachers have also commented that children’s math, reading, and spelling had also improved.

However, there are some concerns that computer games for kids offer solitary only play, and as children are isolated in their play, they may be missing out on vital social development.

Although a limited amount of solitary play can be beneficial, it would be a good idea to choose some computer games that encourage cooperative group play that involves negotiating, planning, using strategic thinking and decision making.

Computer games can also be used as supplement learning with particular subjects that a child may be struggling with, and some educators believe that educational computer games for kids offer an opportunity for learning to be personalized to individuals, by allowing own pace learning, rather than classroom paced education.

Of course, educational games are age-sensitive, so it is important to choose a game that is suited to your child’s ability and does not frustrate your child.

To help you with this I have split games up to age groups, and chosen computer games that provide an educational value most suited to that particular age group.

Educational computer games for kids make learning fun, and by using the computer to learn, children are immersed in an interactive, colorful, and audible world that helps them to retain facts and ideas quickly.

Children’s Table And Chairs

Having a section for tables and chairs on computer games for kids’ pages may seem a bit strange, but the way your child sits when playing on a computer is important.

The trouble with using an adult-sized table and chair is that as children get so involved in the games they are playing, they can easily lose concentration on their surroundings and easily fall and hurt themselves.

Add into that that adult computer chairs are often on wheels and swivel, and desks usually have sharp corners and edges, a table and chair that fits your child is important.

Toddler Software And Computer Games

Early computer games for kids offer young children a chance to explore computers as they practice their hands to eye control, fine motor skills, and their attention.

It is important to introduce a computer to your child when they are quite young so that they do not fear them, or find them difficult to operate. Computers are a big part, of our day-to-day living, so getting your child comfortable with a computer is a good idea.

It’s also an excellent way for you to help your child’s development, and many toddler computer games help with language development, early math, listening skills, creativity, imagination, and many other areas of development.

Free Online Games For Toddlers

There are many computer games for kids that are available online. These games can help in many areas of education, in particular, there are some great free online toddler games that teach shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.

And of course, as they play these games your child will also be practicing their fine motor skills, like their mouse and keyboard skills improve

If you’re apprehensive about letting your toddler loose on your precious PC or Laptop, it may be worth looking at computers and software designed particularly with toddlers in mind.

Free Educational Math Games Online

Online Math games give your children an interactive experience with numbers that cannot be rivaled, and there are some excellent free websites that concentrate purely on Math skills and development.

We have reviewed many of these websites, and at each site, you will find free computer games for kids that cover a variety of areas of Math learning skills, including number recognition, addition, subtraction, and many other early Math concepts.

You will enjoy watching your child have fun playing these games as they are learning new Math concepts and ideas

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