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Free Preschool Learning Game For Matching And Sorting

Free preschool learning games, for matching and sorting, helps to develop concentration, teach recognition, and help kids understand spatial relationships.

They are also a fun way to encourage both counting skills and number recognition.

Preschoolers naturally want to sort things by color, shape, and size, and when you are watching your child play, you will see them do this as they try and make sense of their world.

They naturally sort their cars by color and their blocks by size. If you watch a child with a handful of crayons, they will often separate the crayons into the different colors that they see.

You can use this need to sort things to make learning early Math learning exciting for preschoolers.

To make a great free preschool learning game to encourage matching you will need to print or draw matching pairs of gloves, socks and hats, and a ball of string and some pegs

Secure the string to the wall using tape to make a clothesline.

Paint your drawings so that you have a variety of matching pairs of clothes.

Arrange the pictures of clothes on the floor beneath the clothesline with a handful of wooden pegs.

Show your child how to use the clothes pegs to attach the clothes pair to the clothesline.

This free preschool learning game is a hands-on activity that kids will love, which teaches them essential Math skills at the same time.

Using clothes pegs will be tricky for your preschooler to do at first, but it will help to develop their hand-eye coordination and give them a sense of accomplishment when they master this skill.

A free preschool learning game for sorting by color could be done in the kitchen by grouping fruit and vegetables of the same color, or in their bedroom by putting red toys, yellow toys and blue toys together. You could make a similar game for size sorting.

A number sorting game could be made from old buttons by sorting them into the number of holes each button has, or you could help your preschooler sort a deck of cards by number. This sort of free preschool learning game will also help their number recognition and counting skills.

One of my favorite games we played in my preschool group uses 3 selected objects that are alike in some way, such as the same color, the same size, the same shape, or the same type of object. Then, find one that is different.

Set out the objects and have your child find the one that is different.

Sometimes your child will pick one that is not the one you had intended as the different one. However, ask your child why, as they may have a valid reason why this one is different and the others.

This is a great free preschool learning game that teaches your child how to look at all characteristics of an object, and how to see that objects can fall into different categories.

Matching games lead quite naturally to skills that involve ordering and sequencing, and it will not be too long before your child starts to arrange things in sequence. They may line up their toys from smallest to biggest, or darkest to brightest, so to help with this essential Math skill, take a look at these order and sequencing learning games for preschool.

Of course, shape and color recognition is an important part of these abilities and there are some fantastic learning games for preschoolers to help them learn about shapes and color.

Matching and sorting, along with ordering and sequence are all skills that will help them with counting and using numbers. Games that help numeracy skills are easy to make with items from around the house, and I have included some free preschool learning game ideas for counting and using numbers.

Free preschool learning games, for matching and sorting, helps to develop concentration, teach recognition, and help kids understand spatial relationships.

Beginner Pattern Blocks Puzzles
This brightly colored, wooden Melissa, and Doug puzzle is perfect for using as a color and shape matching toy.
It will help to develop your child’s fine motor skills, their visual perception, their color and shape recognition, and their creative and imaginary abilities.

Vehicles Mix N Match Puzzle
This game involves much more creative thinking then first appears, as each car is a two-piece puzzle. So not only will your preschooler have to match the picture hidden in the puzzle, they will have to match the rear of the vehicle into its slot, and then by color or pattern find the matching front.

Great for recognition of color, characteristics, similarities, and shapes.

Smart Splash Color Play Penguins
Children love water toys, and these play penguins will be a favorite bath toy.

This toy helps with your child’s hand to eye coordination as well as teaching color and shape recognition, and matching skills.

To add to the fun the penguins double up as water squirters!

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