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French Learning Games Fun Ways To Learn French

French learning games for children are the most effective and fun ways for your child to learn, understand, and speak French.Playing language games is the easiest and less stressful way of becoming bilingual.

Children will have great fun with these educational games, and as you play with these language activities, you’ll be learning French language skills, including vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. If you look at how children learn to talk and offer a game or activity that replicates this learning, you will give them a head start in language learning. You, therefore, need to choose a method of learning that is suitable for your child’s age, and while they have fun while they learn, understanding French can be easy.

So how do children learn to speak a language?

Children don’t just try to speak once, and then give up, they practice and practice and practice! Children are not as self-conscious as adults, they are not afraid of getting it wrong or saying things in a funny way. Youngsters are willing to call out new words, whether right or wrong, which helps their fluency. Young children learn by doing activities and through play.

So they will pick up a new language by taking part in an activity or playing language games. And when they play a game with an adult, at first they will make sense of the activity and then get the meaning from the adult’s shared language.
French learning games come in a variety of different forms, from Bingo to electronic learning games. There are also many books, audios, DVDs, and videos. French learning software is also a great way for kids to learn.

French learning books are a great tool for learning a language that works really well in conjunction with other resources. To master a language you need to be able to see and hear it being spoken. Books can be cheap and easy to pick up and put down when it suits you, but your child could find this form of learning French a bit un-stimulating, and it may not appeal to younger children.

To master any language pronunciation you must hear it being spoken correctly, which is when learning French CDs are so useful. The spoken word can also be promoted with the use of Audio, DVDs, tapes, and face to face.
A combination of visual, audio, and books is an excellent way of learning French. In some books and magazines often you will get complimentary CDs and DVDs.

Using French learning books with audios is a great way of learning as both will compliment each other. Great for stimulating all your senses, and all-round approaches, which covers most aspects of the language. I really enjoy Tony Buzan’s interesting approach.
Learn to speak French software is a method of learning that is really suitable for children, as they prefer a very visual and interactive method of learning. There are usually various levels and various areas to explore such as grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

French learning games for children are the most effective and fun ways for your child to learn, understand, and speak French.

French Flash Cards

Flashcards are great for helping with French language vocabulary and sentence structure. These are attractively decorated cards that come in a sturdy box for storage and include a pronunciation guide.
They are recommended for the over fives, being tough enough to be handled by little hands and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
Ring French/English Flash Cards
These flashcards are suited for the younger child and feature twenty-six basic word French to English translations.
Fun cards that help to understand nouns in French illustrated by Sarah Wilkins. They can be used on the rings or hung as a playroom decoration.

KidSpeak French Language Tutor

French learning games for the computer offer an audio and visual interaction that really helps to develop language skills that replicate real-life language learning.
This award-winning software teaches over seven hundred French terms, pronunciation, letter, and word recognition, singular, and plurals, telling the time as well as addition and subtraction.

Brainy Baby – French

This DVD offers French only commentary that introduces young children to French names for colors, numbers, and phrases, as well as other common items.
It uses language learning through repetition and is based on the idea of full immersion in language as a natural tool for teaching. And reinforces its teaching through song, music, humor, and stories.

French Bingo

Fun French learning games will help children to become familiar with common French words and phrases
French Bingo particularly supports French vocabulary along with the themes of animals, nature, colors, vehicles, clothing, and market. This is s fun way for children from the ages of three to learn words in French.

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