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Geography Learning Games To Help Your Child Understand The World

Geography learning games open your child to their surroundings and help them to understand and appreciate the world around them.

Talking to your child about how their environment is different from other peoples in the world is a great introduction to Geography.

We all influence our surroundings and make our mark on where we live, just as where we live influences and makes its mark on us.

And by looking at different countries you can open your child’s mind to different music, food, traditions, and ways of living.

Having a floor map of the world, and books with pictures of different countries can make the start of some good Geography learning games.

A great geography learning game idea to help your child realize where places are and where different foods come from is by looking in your own kitchen.

A lot of food in your kitchen has been imported from countries all over the world, so by picking out some packets of food from your kitchen cupboard and asking your child or find out where each came from by reading the label, introduces them to different countries names.

Once your child has a list of countries, get them to find out where these places are by using a map, an atlas, or a globe.

But Geography is much more than reading maps and central to learning about Geography is understanding the link between our lives and the environment around us.

Bring Geography closer to home by showing your child ways to improve their immediate surroundings by caring for the environment, keeping the park or town tidy, and recycling.

Also look at local areas in their neighborhood such as parks, supermarkets, roads, fields, and farms.

It’s a good idea to use geographical words like ‘hill’, ‘river’, and ‘motorway’ so that your child can talk about their environment confidently and more descriptively.

Other Geography learning games could be finding a simple map of your hometown, you should find one on the internet or at your local library, and helping your child find your home on the map, and then find homes of family members and friends or town landmarks such as the school or park.

Talk about the different symbols on the map and help them use the scale to measure distances between different areas.

Geography learning games open your child to their surroundings and help them to understand and appreciate the world around them.

Toysmith Volcano Making Kit

Fun science games help children to understand the world around them. With this kit, they can build their own volcano and watch as it erupts in a fizz of color and bubbles.

Everything that they will need is in the kit as they mold and decorate a solid plaster volcano, fill the crater, and watch the eruption.

GeoSafari Compass Binoculars
The GeoSafari Compass Binoculars make a great first set of Binoculars. They have a comfortable soft-grip and are lightweight enough to carry around, and with a built-in compass, they make a great exploration tool.

The lens comes with an easy to focus mechanism and they will make viewed objects four times larger.

Educational Insights Toys and Games

Learning Resources 12-Inch Inflatable Globe
This is sturdy and easy to read inflatable globe which can add a lot of fun to geography learning games. It’s tough enough to be thrown around like a beach ball, and it is detailed enough for children to find continents and countries.

Maps and globes are great tools to get kids familiar with the shape and layout of the World and can be used to find countries, cities, and areas.

Educational Insights Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System
This glow-in-the-dark solar system really brings the cosmos into the bedroom, as the nine planets hang from the ceiling.

It’s great for Geography lessons and includes a guide with fun and fascinating solar system facts. It’s easy to put up, and one of the few sets to include the Sun.

I DIG Dinosaurs Velociraptor Excavation Adventure For an early paleontologist, this excavation adventure is a great introduction to Geology and a great addition to your child’s Geography learning games.

With their own Geologists hammer and chisel they will have to uncover the Velociraptor, and then reassemble and paint the dinosaur to display in their very own museum.

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