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Kids Learning Games Having Fun With History

Kids learning games to help children have fun with History and to learn about the past, where they have come from, and what has shaped our world.

Looking back at your own family history is a brilliant way of exploring the past. It lets children learn about their ancestors, what they did, and how where they lived.

You could encourage your child to talk to an elderly family member to learn more about your family’s history.

And by looking through an old photo album, children can see the differences in fashion, clothing, transport, and housing.

History games help children to understand that their own lives are different from those of people in the past, which will help them to appreciate why people acted as they did, and why certain events happened.

For children, dressing up and pretending to be someone from the past, like a King, Queen, or even by playing Cowboys and Indians, can make History an exciting adventure.

When playing kids learning games for History, get into the habit of using words that express the passing of time, such as before, after, along time ago or in the past. And as you talk about historical events, put them in order so that your child will realize that some things happened before anyone living now was born.

Show your child what a family tree looks like, and then plan and start drawing up your own. This will give you an opportunity to look back into your family history, and show them who they are related to.

By looking at your family history, your child will have a strong sense of where they come from, as well as an understanding of how things differ now from years ago.

The holidays we celebrate also present an opportunity to learn about History, and it is worth taking the time to teach your child, in a fun way, about the festive holidays we celebrate, and why we celebrate them.

Kids learning games to help children have fun with History and to learn about the past, where they have come from, and what has shaped our world.

Dig Discover Civil War

What did people use during the American Civil War? Using this Kristal kids learning games set, children can become Archaeologists and discover some authentic replica artifacts.

This is not so much a toy, more of a project, and as such requires patience and perseverance, and maybe it won’t be suitable for a child who gets frustrated quickly.

The games are card-based, with a mix of true and false questions, as well as multiple choices, to be played with a special three numbered dice. This game deals with Ancient Civilizations and teaches children about this society’s ways of life in a fun and interactive way.

This is a great way of learning about the Presidents of the United States and is durable enough to be rebuilt over and over again.

Each portrait is underwritten with the Presidents name and the date of their presidency, so, not only will they discover what each President looked like, they will discover their names, and when they were in office too.

These games teach fact-based subjects such as History and Science in a fun, challenging, and interactive way, keeping kids entertained and interested. This game teaches about famous inventors and their inventions.

The History Channel – Time Troopers DVD Game

The video DVD is hosted by John Cleese as Agent Wormold who takes you on a journey of Historical filmed events or reenactments, which is followed by a quick and fun trivia quiz.

The History Channel Time Troopers is a great game for children to discover History.

Way Back When in History

This is easy to learn and play game that takes all the family on a trip of American History. It follows over 300 years of America from the early explorers, the Colonies, the Revolution, the Constitution, and Civil War.

Younger players may need to team up as they get used to this game, but in no time at all, you’ll be amazed at how many histories they can recall.

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