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Preschool Shapes Games And Learning Shapes

Preschool shapes games and preschool math activities to help teach your child shapes, color, sorting, matching, and sequencing, all through play.

Here are some words for preschool shapes to use in your preschool math activities…

Shape, Round, Flat, Straight, Curved. Roll, Stack, Slide, Pile. 2D, Flat Shape, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Square. 3D, Solid Shape, Cube, Cuboid, Sphere, Pyramid, Cone. Corner, Face, Side, Edge, and End.

Matching and sorting preschool shapes help to develop concentration and teach shape recognition. This can also be done with order and sequencing learning games for preschool, as they learn to order shapes by type, size, and color.

There are also some fantastic learning games for preschoolers to help them learn about shape and color.

Preschool shapes games and preschool math activities to help teach your child shapes, color, sorting, matching, and sequencing, all through play.


These magnetic tiles make great construction toy and can be used to make all sorts of shapes and structures.

To begin with, your preschooler may only be able to create flat 2D models, but as there fine motor skills and creativity develops they will move on to all manner of 3D creations.

A fantastic toy to explore preschool shapes.

MightyMind regular Edition

This MightyMind set is the winner of the Parents’ Choice Honor Toy and has sold over 3 million sets.

It’s ideal for exploring and combining shapes and helps children develop shape recognition, fuels their imagination, and improves their spatial awareness. Plus its great fun.

MightyMind will keep your child entertained for hours.

Wooden Shape Sorting Clock
This colorful wooden clock allows your child to sort and match different shapes, helps them to recognize number characters and color, and can be used to explore time.

As a shape sorter, it’s challenging and fun, and as your preschooler grows you can start to introduce some ideas about time. You could set the clock for lunchtime, tea time, or some other daily event that happens in their life.

Sort and Snap Color Match

This is a simple concept that works very well and rather than traditional preschool shapes it introduces the idea of size to your child.

As each letter and stamp has a different thickness, your child will have to work out which letter fits into which slot, this will help with their visual perception and hand to eye coordination, and the use of a key to retrieve their mail adds to the fun and offers another dimension to their fine motor skills.

Lucky Ducks

This is a motorized matching game that develops color and shape awareness.

As the ducks swim around the pound, little ones try to match the color and shape on the underside of each duck.

Great fun, and an excellent game for introducing social skills that involve playing with others and taking turns.

Candy Land Castle Game

This is one of Hasbro’s most popular early years games and can be played alone or with a number of players.

The rules are simple to understand and grasp, and there is no game board construction needed.

It is an ideal game for introducing shapes, color and counting to your preschooler, which will also employ their coordination and matching skills.
Sneaky Snakes is an early Math shape and pattern game designed for pre-readers, to introduce them to preschool shapes and color.

This game has a graduated difficulty so it is ideal for very young children. It will help with their imaginative and creative skills, and provide them with plenty of early Math fun.

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