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Preschool Writing And Developing Fine Motor Skills

If your preschooler is new to phonics and letters, I’ve included some good information on introducing letters to preschoolers, as well as some fun phonic learning games for young children.

And as their skills improve, why not try these preschool alphabet activities.

Once your child has mastered the skill of working with small objects, and they have had some fun created pictures using a chunky crayon, they will be ready to start using smaller crayons and pencils.

This is the time that you can start introducing them to particular shapes that they can draw.

A great activity to do with your child to help develop their preschool writing skills is Dot-To-Dot, this is a great way to strengthen a preschooler’s prewriting skill.

Visit the Dot-To-Dot page for some free printable worksheets and some fun preschool writing dot-to-dot books.

You will also find some of my favorite preschool writing workbooks, activity books, and toys at the bottom of this page.

Play-Doh Case of Colors

Using Play-Doh is a great way to get your child’s creative juices running while your child practices their ability to do things with their hands.

It may seem strange to suggest that playing with clay can help with your preschoolers writing skills, but as they make more intricate shapes, they will be developing the dexterity they need to use a pencil or crayon.

If they have developed some letter recognition, you could even help them to make letters with the dough, and they will be thrilled if you help them to create their own name.

Shape, Model, and Mold

To take their Play-Doh creations to a new level, the Shape, Model, and Mold Set will give them hours of imaginative fun. There are stamps, pattern rollers, molds, cutters, as well as tubs of dough for them to play with.

Creative play is an important part of children’s development and many new skills can be introduced into this type of play, and of course, they will be developing their abilities to work with their hands.

More Melissa & Doug Toys

Easel Companion Set

Painting is another great activity for your child to help them with fine motor and preschool writing skills.

I would recommend that you use large paintbrushes and a large piece of paper for them to create their masterpieces, and by using an easel, you will stop their elbows from resting in wet paint and stop pots of paint from being tipped and knocked over.

This Easel Companion Set will help limit the mess, the paints are washable and have spill-proof pots, the paper is kept together on a roll, the brushes are color-coordinated to stop them mixing paints together, and it also includes erasable markers and chalks.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors

Magna-Tiles is a unique toy that encourages creative play while building on manipulative skills, thinking logically and reasoning.

The shapes and patterns that your child can make are endless, and depending on their ability, can be created in either 2D or 3D patterns.

This is the right side, imaginative brain training, and will introduce them to basic math skills as well as spatial problem solving, and by manipulating these tile they will be advancing their hand to eye coordination.

Magnetic Fishing Game

It does seem a little bit odd to include a fishing game on a preschool writing page, but as with so many toys, it is surprising what skills can be developed.

But when you think about it, using a fishing rod to maneuver a hook to pick up a fish needs a lot of spatial skill.

To actually catch these colorful fish will be quite challenging, as your child will have to employ their perception, coordination, and fine motor skills.

And as this game doubles as a puzzle they will also be building on their matching and shape recognition skills

Basic Skills Board

Buttoning, zipping, buckling, and popping are all skills that require a developed sense of coordination and dexterity, all life skills that will help them with small controlled tasks.

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