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Spanish Learning Games Fun Ways To Learn Spanish

Spanish learning games are not only fun, but they are also great educational tools, and by playing these fun activities your child will grow in confidence while learning Spanish vocabulary and building on their Spanish language skills.

If you look at children watching the program Dora The Explorer, when Dora speaks Spanish, a child will copy and mimic her.

This is how children learn to speak. But unlike adults, they are not afraid of getting it wrong and are willing to try new foreign language words just as much as new words from their native language.

This is why it is good to start to teach young children a second language like Spanish.

Using activities and playing language games is the best way to introduce children to a new language, and through play, they will take in and retain a lot of words.

There are also plenty of DVDs and CDs that can build repetition and support their Spanish language learning.

Spanish language games that are designed for a child would even benefit any new learner of the Spanish language, so this could be a skill that you could learn together. Then, as yours and your child’s ability grows, there are plenty of Spanish games to take you to a more advanced level.

You can now get some of the good old classic Spanish board games like Monopoly, Guess Who, and Scrabble in Spanish.

But by no means are Spanish learning games restricted to board games, as there are many Spanish games available for children.

For younger children, there is a wide range of fun-filled activities and language games that are designed to capture their imagination and keep their interest going. These games help to build upon Spanish language skills in a fun and easy way.

Of course, you would expect there to be plenty of books for learning Spanish, but on their own, they may not excite your child and it may be better for you to look out for Spanish learning books with CDs or with some sort of audio interaction.

DVDs will always capture your children’s attention and there are some fabulous Spanish learnings DVDs available.

If your child is beginning to use the computer I would definitely recommend that you introduce them to Spanish learning software, it offers an interactive experience that other learning media cannot compete with.

Spanish learning games are not only fun, but they are also great educational tools, and by playing these fun activities your child will grow in confidence while learning Spanish vocabulary and building on their Spanish language skills.

Learning Resources Spanish Alphabet Puzzle Cards

These cards are great for practicing Spanish letter names and their sounds, with each two-piece puzzle matching a letter with a picture or word.

These puzzles are great for early learners and will help with pronunciation, letter recognition, and basic Spanish words, and because the puzzles are self-checking, this is a game that they can also play alone.

Verbos Skill Drill Flash Cards

These flashcards are attractive, colorful, and durable. They support Spanish vocabulary skills as well as spelling skills and the use of verbs in the language.

A positive is that these cards introduce verbs through word introduction and sentence conjugation. On the negative side, there are no clues within the game for correct pronunciation.

Hooked on Spanish Box Set

Using the software, workbooks, games, and activities, Hooked on Spanish Box Set is a great kit for teaching children to read.

It teaches a 3-level program for the four to six age groups, helping them to grasp vocabulary and phrases, including parts of the body, color, number, and more. Includes software, workbooks, books, flashcards, and a handy parent’s guide.

Eeboo Spanish Bingo

This Spanish Bingo game supports vocabulary learning in the subjects of animals, vehicles, nature, market, clothing, and colors.

It’s great fun and colorful game that can be played with little or no Spanish, as the words are displayed under each picture, it also includes a handy Spanish pronunciation key.

Spanish Board Games

I Can Read and Speak in Spanish

Language teacher Maurice Hazan has developed a unique way of helping children learn to string words together in sentences that make sense.

This series is fun and makes good use of pictures, symbols, and sounds. It follows a Spanish storybook, with an audio CD to help with pronunciation, flashcards, with plenty of tips for parents to adopt these methods of teaching.

Spanish for Kids DVD

This Spanish learning DVD was the winner of a silver award from Parents’ Choice Foundation, winner of Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Award, and the Dove Foundation Family-Approved Seal. It has also won awards from iParenting Media, Dr. Toy, Best Play and Learn Vacation Program, The National Parenting Center, and Grandkids Gift Guide.

Great for early Spanish from the 2 to 7’s, which uses some fun active animations and puppets.

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