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Toddler Educational Toys Should Be Lots of Fun

Toddlers learn by playing, so choosing the best toddler educational toys is important.

Here you’ll find the type of toys that can help build on your toddler’s development, their vocabulary, understanding of the world, problem-solving, and their fine and gross motor skills.

Having a wide variety of toddler educational toys will help your child to express themselves creatively while helping to use up their bundle of energy to learn important concepts.

Toddler learning toys should be lots of fun!

If your toddler is having fun learning, then they will most likely become an avid learner for life.

Play is important for the health, growth and development of your toddler. They have an amazing capacity for learning and they learn best through playing.

But good toddler educational toys are nothing without one factor, You!

You could buy the top 50 best educational toys for your toddler, but this does not mean that your child will grow up to be the top of the class.

Spending quality time with your toddler as they enjoy playing simple games with you and others, is priceless, and will give your child confidence and a feeling of security.

Gradually they will start to enjoy group games with children of the same age, offering a chance to be social, although to begin with it will be playing alongside their friends, rather than with them.

Social play will teach your toddler to share and take turns, which will take some time as children find this difficult to understand.

Toddlers learn by playing, so choosing the best toddler educational toys is important.

Selecting Toddler Educational Toys

Toddler’s educational toys should challenge your toddler’s interests and abilities, but not frustrate them, and bear in mind that both solitary and social play is necessary for your toddler’s development.

For example, toddlers can play with building blocks by themselves and in the process, develop independence, self-sufficiency, and persistence. However, when they are playing with the same toy socially, they will acquire skills like sharing, understanding, and cooperation.

You have an important role in choosing good quality toddler educational toys, you need to be aware of your child’s interests and abilities, and that not all children enjoy the same kind of play

Appropriate Toddler Educational Toys

Below are some suggestions for activities that will help your toddler learn and build on new skills.

Push or Pull Along Toys

A push or pull along toy will give your toddler confidence and help them to become more stable on their feet.

Toddlers love moving all their toys around and pulling them around in a wagon or wheelbarrow will not only strengthen their leg muscles but also their arms.

Top Rated Push And Pull Along Toys

Ride-On Toys

When your toddler is sturdy on his feet a truck or cars to ride on, will give him lots of fun, he will now be able to use his own strength to move himself along.

Pedal toys are brilliant in strengthening the leg muscles, and a fun way for toddlers to get around also helps hand-eye coordination.

These toys will help your toddler’s gross motor skills; these are large movements involving the arm, leg, or feet muscles or the entire body.

Great Ride On Toys For Toddlers

Balls And Beanbags

Balls and beanbags are great in helping develop gross motor skills.

Their hand-to-eye coordination becomes improved, as well as developing social skills.

Balls and Beanbag games can also be developed into good sorting and matching games.

Books With Simple Stories

Using books with simple stories has an obvious educational benefit for your toddler.

Early use of books is the first step towards reading and writing, but will also help to develop their language skills as your toddler will start to identify objects by pointing, and build on this by starting to put words together.

Building Blocks

Today building blocks come in many different shapes and sizes, not just the traditional ABC wooden blocks.

Using building blocks will help to develop your toddler’s fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination, but don’t stop at building, get interacting, and develop these toddlers’ educational toys into sorting games. You can really speed up their recognition of shape and color.

Easy Puzzles

Small easy puzzles are great in helping with their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, but your toddler will need encouragement, as they do find puzzles a tricky one to master.

Go for colorful chunky puzzles, without too many pieces to get them started.

Getting Creative

Creative materials such as crayons play dough, and painting helps develop fine motor skills and the start of your child learning to write.

Water and sand play toys gives your child an understanding of cause and effects and is a great way for children to interact together.

Creative Toys For Toddlers

Pretend Play

Always try to remember that play is a child’s form of work. Make it fun and enjoyable for them to learn.

For some more great ideas check out the Infant and Toddler Educational Toys and Games Page, or if your toddler is a little older take a look at these Toddler Learning Game Ideas.

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